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How to get the cheapest auto insurance?

Auto insurance can be rather expensive, and who are we to argue when paying our annual premiums? The price of auto insurance is something that many car owners don't agree with in this time of economic hardship, and as a result we have millions of uninsured drivers on the roads. Nevertheless, it doesn't mean that it's impossible to find affordable auto insurance for your vehicle. If you put some mind to it and spend a bit more time on actually shopping for auto insurance the results can be really impressive. Here's what you should to get the cheapest auto insurance policy out there:

Shop around

Comparison shopping is the first thing to do when it comes to getting the cheapest auto insurance possible. All companies calculate their rates differently, which results in visible discrepancies when it comes to comparing quotes. So instead of just taking the first policy you come across make sure to get at least five quotes for the same policy type from other companies as well.

Get discounts

There are many ways to get discounts from your companies, some of them are even too obvious for a lot of people to consider. Driving less can get you a low mileage discount, it usually takes less than 10,000 miles per annum to qualify. Installing anti-theft and security gadgets into your car can also get you a cut in premiums. Being a good driver with no claims and staying with the same provider can get you the cheapest auto insurance policy. Multiple car owners can save money by insuring all of their vehicles with a single policy. These are just some of the most common discounts and there can be more. So make sure to ask your provider what discounts they offer and how can you qualify.

Adjust the deductible and coverage

Certain coverage types such as collision and comprehensive have deductibles, which are to be met before the coverage kicks in. The higher is the deductible set by the policy owner, the lower will be the premium. Even so, take note that if you choose a very high deductible, it will be costly for you to have auto insurance since you'll have to pay a lot out of own pocket instead of using the coverage you've already paid for. Besides, you should also consider dropping coverage options you don't really need. The only mandatory coverage is third party liability, so by excluding all the rest you can have the cheapest auto insurance. Still, maybe it's not always such a good idea to go with the minimum as you never know when the additional coverage may come in handy.

Consider a cheaper car

The car you're trying to insure has a huge impact on the cost of insurance. So maybe it's better to switch your current vehicle to something that's cheaper to insure in the first place. This especially concerns owners of sports cars, large SUVs, luxury vehicles and muscle cars. Consider buying a mid class or family vehicle, and you will notice that it's easier to get the cheapest auto insurance with such cars.

The cheapest auto insurance basics

Whether it's the cheapest auto insurance or simple auto insurance you're after knowing the basics is a must. Learn the most important things about insurance before looking for the cheapest auto insurance.

Pros and cons of the cheapest auto insurance policies

» Pros and cons of the cheapest auto insurance policies

The cheapest auto insurance policies surely deliver certain advantages to their owners. Nevertheless, there are also disadvantages to having the cheapest auto insurance policy you should be aware of.

Pros and cons of the cheapest auto insurance policies
How to get the cheapest auto insurance?

» How to get the cheapest auto insurance?

The cheapest auto insurance options stem from different decisions you have to make when shopping for a policy. Learn how to get the cheapest auto insurance with easy by reading this article.

How to get the cheapest auto insurance?

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